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Automated Case Picking that Delivers

Flagship product from DRL Systems

InnoPick is the culmination of a decade of research and solves problems encountered on the floor, not in CAD. It is a proven technology with tens of millions of cases stored and dispensed and an excellent reliability record.

Let us show you why this is the right technology at the right price for your warehouse.

Simple by Design

InnoPick consists of two basic components, a sequence conveyor and a 90-degree transfer. Three servomotors per level ensure smooth product movement, and all active components are located in the front of the system for accessibility.


80/20: Get at least 80% of your volume through InnoPick, which is likely coming from less than 20% of your SKUs. Combine InnoPick with a case AS/RS or a pick-to-belt system to get the slow movers if required. There is a configuration of InnoPick that will work for your DC,  big or small.

Return on Investment

Our approach is to automate as much as possible--but not more, and to keep things simple as possible--but not simpler. That sweet spot is where you can get the best value for your dollar.

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Mixed Case Palletizer cell

30 cartons per minute, less than 5% top-off

What do you get when you combine a rugged and low-cost layer palletizer, a little bit of engineering ingenuity and some smart software? The best mixed case palletizing value on the market.

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MixMaster WCS

manage your order preparation operation

Centrally manage truckload release, product availability and assignment to automation, layer picking, and manual picking. Integrates with InnoPick and DRL's Mixed Case Palletizer out of the box and can connect to SAP and to other automation components through standard Web Service calls.

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